7 Signs Of Proper Strength Training

We have prepared for you a list of 7 signs of proper strength training. 1. Your strength increases Despite the obviousness of this fact, few understand it correctly. It should not just gradually increase the weight on the bar (I hope you have it growing?), but with the same or better technology. Fitness Expert explains…


How To Make Friends With A Swimming Pool: Choosing Outfits

Swimming – is good, helpful, pleasant and beautiful. Now we’ll tell you how is it necessary to start a relationship with a swimming pool, and how to turn it into a strong friendship. How to choose a swimsuit (swimming trunks), swim cap and swimming goggles Swimsuit (swimming trunks) As you know, for cleaning and disinfection…


Morning Exercises In Bed: 12 Videos With Simple Exercises

We offer you twelve short videos with exercises that should be done right in the bed. Start your morning with one of them and let them bring you happiness! Tara Steele, her narrow hips and gorgeous, velvety voice: Take a couple of minutes with Kendeys in the morning to help you wake up: 10 minutes of…


10 Videos of High-Intensity Training

Here you can find coaching videos for those who enjoy blood, sweat, and tears! Warning! You are the one to be responsible for your health. Our selection of videos is only for familiarization. Take care of yourself! You do not need equipment. Just take plenty of water and a couple of towels. She claims that,…


This Doesn’t Count: Is It Proper To Arch The Back While Benching?

Strength training supporters (both beginners and continuers) often try to copy the technique of professional powerlifters and arch their backs too much during bench pressing. To begin with, let’s clarify some things: I like when the back is slightly arched for bench presses. An excessive back arching is when you try deliberately to reduce the…


A Training Program: “Cosgrove’s Plan”

Introduction of the author of the program Perhaps it is hard to find online a person who is into fitness and who has never heard of Alwyn Cosgrove. We have difficult training program on Fitscientist: “Variable repetition training by Alwyn Cosgrove”. Alwyn has become famous thanks to his book, “New Rules Of Lifting.” Who is Alwyn Cosgrove?…


How To Protect Your Hands From Corns

If you are engaged in strength training, soon or later you will think for protection of your hands from corns or from the following palm hurts. To break away the skin fragments may be quite brutal and it could be a good shot for Instagram, but you won’t become stronger and sturdier thereon. You can…


Can You Exercise During Menstruation?

The question “Is it possible to exercise during menstruation?” is in the top 5 most popular questions to Fitscientist. And today we’ll finally discuss this intimate question. Material We think it is useful to talk about the phases of menstrual cycle once again. The duration of an ovarian menstrual cycle (hereinafter OMC) varies from 21…


Get Ready for training with us

We have compiled for you 5 interesting, fresh and relevant sets in sports style: even to the gym, even in the store, at least for mushrooms. 1.  Top and jacket – Nike, bag, pants and shoes – Adidas 2.  Watches – Apple, the rest – Nike 3.  Headphones beats, Shaker noname, a fitness watch Nuband….


What Is The Least Amount Of Weight Required To Build Muscle?

Supposing that your maximum in crouch stand is 100 kg. What is more effective to your muscle growth – to crouch to the max with 30 kg. barbells or with 80 kg.? Don’t hurry to give your variant of the answer, scientists have already tested everything. Sergey Strukov, known fitness expert, gathered and translated into Russian a text,…


14 Funny GIFs With Beautiful Running People

Running is the simplest way to burn more calories and to make many first steps to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to two legs and sneakers, you will need just inspiration and a slight smile from watching these funny GIFs with beautiful running people.    


How To Get A Six Pack: 7 Facts

When searching for “How to get a six pack” you’ll find a great deal of false information, but basically there will be different exercises and techniques. Fitscientist has gathered a few key mistakes and disproved them on the basis of trustworthy sources. 0. Everyone has a six pack, but usually they are hidden under a layer of fat…


How To Do Push-Ups

Push-ups are an easy and intuitive exercise. If you know how to do them, you can do a full workout anywhere. According to Wikipedia, “push-ups” is an exercise to improve the overall physical strength of a person, which is done from the front lying support position, face down. Push-ups develop chest muscles, triceps, deltoids, back, the…


Is It Really Necessary To Wear A Belt While Squatting?

  There is a rather widespread belief that squatting with a belt is not as cool or efficient as without it. It is based on the fact that, for example, without a belt, the abdominal muscles work better. Science tries to dispel these prejudices. If you are a longtime Fitscientist reader, then to tell you…


The Barbell Squat: How To Do It Properly

I’ll tell you about a special type of squats – the hip dominant squat or “conditionally weightlifting” squat, primarily because this technique meets all the demands that I make in my work: to work out muscles with no harm for the health. This is fitness, and the main goal here is body health and safety…


How To Do Sit-Ups Properly

“Now you are going to do any kind of exercises for your abs for 10 minutes” said the couch in the end of our work-out. Also, we can’t find any certain kind of abdominal exercises in the basic training set for beginners. We can notice that exercises for abs are often done on leftovers in the end of…


An Old Body in a New Way: Where to Begin?

In spring snowdrops appear not only in the woods and on the roads, but also in the gym. This annual attraction amuses  regular and professional atheletes: an individual comes to the gym, usually a woman, 25-30 years, and  says  to the coach something like: “I want to lose weight for summer.” A healthy approach And…


12 Rules: How To Not Look Like A Dummy In The Gym

Do you remember this proverb: When in Rome, do as the Romans do? It means that when you’re visiting a different place or culture, you should follow their customs and practices or behave in an appropriate manner according to how people around you behave. This is what we call etiquette. In good gyms, there is…


A workout for beginners: Getting started

So, something or someone has made you go for a workout in the gym. A personal trainer can tell you what exactly to do there , but there’s not always an opportunity to hire one, and trainers are not always enough. Fitscientist has created a guide for your initial training program. Basic techniques for the beginner…


7 Most Common Workout Mistakes

Two well-known personal trainers, JC Deen and Jon-Erik Kawamoto shared the most common mistakes people make at the gym. You’d better learn from others’ mistakes. If you don’t know much about fixing your car, you won’t lift the hood and start repairing it, right? This same analogy can be applied to working out, but often…