Why Don’t All People Lose Weight When They Take In A Calorie Deficit?

10 women in the study did not lose weight, despite the fact that they recorded  a serious calorie deficit in their diaries. Doctor Maleo found out why and how badly they lied. During the study Maleo faced an inexplicable phenomenon – despite nutrition with a deficit of calories, some people didn’t lose or continued to gain weight….


Why Can’t You Grow Muscles And Burn Fat At The Same Time?

And let some experts admit the possibility of a small  muscle mass growth when losing weight, it is necessary to deal with them in turns. Because by the nature these  processes are contradictory. Periodization These processes  are  called “on the mass”  by people doing weight training  (the period of getting of muscle mass, and fat…


How To Lose 40 Pounds In One Month

I was having a conversation just the other day and the person I was speaking with asked me if I thought it was possible to lose 40 pounds in only one month, and if so, how could she do it. After I gave her a valid response, I figured I go ahead and spread the…


Three Exercises To Reduce Stomach Fat

Do you have a bulging, flabby stomach that is bothering you? You may have noticed that there are an endless supply of workouts and diets that promise to rid you of this unsightly stomach issue, but many of them do not fulfill their promises. What you need are exercises that reduce stomach fat, and thankfully…


Why You Don’t Have To Starve To Lose Weight

Photo: David LaChapel This is how it usually works: among a fat woman’s relatives and acquaintances who comment on every facebook photo of hers with “What a beauty!”, there is always a scoundrel who will tell the truth: “What a fat cow!” The fat woman will cry and decide not to eat anything but leaves…


Fitness Obsession Leads To Depression And Health Loss

Zero estradiol level, amenorrhea, complete absence of libido, recurring depression, decreased emotional background and intelligence, the desire to live at all – this is the price paid by some girls for the body of their dreams.   And the smaller the percentage of body fat, the more the abs become visible and the shoulders become rounder, the…


How To Make Gainer By Yourself

Among our readers, there are probably those who don’t give care about fall coming so soon and want to keep on building muscles. In this case we want to tell you guys about a DIY gainer recipe that will let you save some money and will be perfectly suitable for your needs. If you have no idea…


Why You Can’t Get Rid of Fat Locally

There is still a line of lazy people and fools heading to the clinics and shops that promise to “shake,” “melt,” “remove,” and “split” fat at a particular place on your body. There are also sincere believers that you can remove belly fat from doing crunches. Or maybe to trim up the sides they will…


Sports Nutrition Guide: Protein Supplements

Large color plastic cans with screaming logos and slogans not only scare grandmas and mothers, but also make you, the more advanced in this matter, think about your lives. Fitscientists have looked through a bunch of authoritative sources to make this guide to sports nutrition. WHAT IS SPORTS NUTRITION? At its core, sports nutrition is not…


How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?

Sex is not simply a method of procreation, it is also a pleasant mode of exercise. But can it replace a morning jog, or some cardio after lifting? How intense does it have to be to rid the body of excess calories? The question mentioned above was studied among 21 participants at the University of…


Barbells Help People Get Thin, Not Jogging. Why? FITSCIENTIST Arithmetic.

Have you ever noticed that people are of the same weight but look different? Why is it so? Why is jogging not as efficient as pumping iron? Why can some people can eat so much, but look thin? The answers to all these questions you’ll find in this article. When I worked as a deputy…


Where The Body Takes Its Energy From

Our author Natalia Kiselnikova clears everything up and explains where the energy in our body comes from. Let’s discuss an interesting topic: where does our body get the energy to move forward? We’ll start from the basics. They are familiar, obvious, and even banal, but without them there is nothing. Plus, these basics are too…


How to lose weight: 4 simple and important facts

This text needs to be shared with friends. We hope they will be driven to read it by the helplessness and the anger from non-functioning wonder-pills, weight loss teas, diets that return the lost weight in full, magical gym equipment from tv-shops advertised by athletes with shiny teeth who train in a completely different way,…


10 ways to nail down a useful habit

Everyone wants to jog in the morning, to naturally want the apple as opposed to the chips for a snack, and to make the right choices because we want to, not because we force ourselves to. Thankfully, it is possible to turn these perceived duties into activities that we actually like doing. No wonder they…


What does 100 calories look like in pictures?

The editors of our site decided to show what 100 calories looks like while holding the foods in hand. We recently represented 1000 calories in pictures, taking photos of the food from a supermarket. Today let’s show you some more food – how to hold 100 calories worth of food in your own hands. We bought…


Food myths: obesity and lifespan

Let’s look into the matter of the following myth about short lifespan of people with excess weight. Turns out, moderately overweight people are, by 6%, less at risk of death than people with normal weight.


What does 1000 calories look like in pictures?

In about 10-20 years from now it will be quite normal for an average human being to understand the near caloric value of food and know his own recommended calorie needs. But we are going to start helping you right now. “Fitscientist” has carefully measured 1000 calories in different foods and represented their portions in pictures….