Training Session with One Dumbbell: Deep 6


Preface about the author of the program

Jon Engum, holds 7 dan in taekwondo, is hapkido master, the author of the book “Flexible steel,” instructor in weightlifting fitness and athlete strength training.

After ending the sports career in Taekwondo he decided to pay more attention to safety training that does not lead to endless injuries, but rather helps in the rehabilitation of existing ones and make you stronger and hardier.

Training strategy

We have already written about home training with dumpbell, and hold up the program “Powerful five” as an example. This is an excellent and intensive training that will help you become stronger.

Today we offer you another option of home training with a dumpbell – “Deep Six.” Looking at the program you will think that it practically differs nothing from the “Powerful Five,” but first try to complete it.

Training program

  1. 5 swings,
    2. 5 whips,
    3. 5 hang squats + 5 military presses,
    4. 5 front squats,
    5. 1 turkish get-up.

All exercises are done first with one hand and then with the other – this is one set. You need to do at least 3 sets. Ideally – 5 sets.

Beginners: rest 30 seconds after each hand, and 1 minute between sets.
Average level: rest 30 seconds – 1 minute after each set, don’t do the break between change of hands.
Advanced level: all sets without rest.

Choice of weight:  Men train with 24 kg dumpbell, 12 kg dumpbell is recommended for women. If you want to become stronger, or you already are – use 32 kg dumpbell for men, and 16 kg for women.

Follow the technique of performing exercises!

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