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Katya from Kiev is concerned first of all about how to keep fit longer. Keep it up, Kate! Planned and reasonable working is a right way.

Good day! Tell our readers, please, how much you weigh and how thin your waist is?

Be healthy there. My name is Katya, I’m 30. I’m 5.3 ft tall, and I weigh 115 lb. My volumes are: 34″-26″-35″.

Why did you decide to take fitness?

I’ve never played sports. I’ve never done morning jogging, I’ve never been interested in Yoga, I’ve never ridden a bike and I’ve never even done morning exercises. No, I wasn’t a fat girl, but I wasn’t a slim one either. My way to the healthy lifestyle began with an offer of marriage. The target was not just loose excess weight and buy the desired wedding dress instead of bandage one, but I also wanted keep fit and stay healthy as long as possible.


Nobody discouraged me from going to the gym because I didn’t tell anybody about my new hobby. If you don’t pay special attention to this matter, nobody will notice it, questioning a lot or at worse advising something. Well, when people see some changes, it’s late to discourage, because the result says it all.

At the beginning of my healthy lifestyle I ate simply small portions of a meal, gave up eating bakery, drinking soda and having heavy suppers. And for three months I had lost 15 lb and kept in shape just with the help of healthy eating. All that I did without any exercises during one year or so.


At the same time, I was reading a lot of special literature. I had added to my LJ feed a lot of blogs of fitness girls and relevant communities. The main motivator for me then and now is Masha Kir. Thanks to her blog I got into the sport, into weight training particularly. I realized that didn’t want to be skinny, I wanted to be strong and sturdy.


I started training at home with my body weight and light dumbbells by the video FitnessBlender. I still think that it’s the greatest channel for home fitness. My husband and I presented annual passes to a gym on our wedding day.

What did you do during the first couple months? What mistakes did you make?

Well, in the very beginning I divided training into top and bottom followed the technique very strongly. I can say that studied my body as at the first time and checked my capabilities. The weight wasn’t so heavy and I’ve chosen average intensity.


So I hit many books about technique, that’s why I can’t remember any serious mistakes. The only one and the main my mistake related to eating. Before I got that regular strength workups demand absolutely different approach, I’ve experienced several nosh-ups with trembling hands. It’s not detrimental for appearance, but it’s very detrimental for mind and health in a whole.

Do you train with a coach or on your own?

I train myself. I think I have enough experience to work out efficient routines.


And, frankly speaking, watching the trainers in our gym, I wouldn’t like to be a supervisee of any of them. I behave to myself with big care. «No pain no gain» is not my motto.

Tell us please, what you eat and which supplements take in.

I like eating so much, that’s why it’s issue number one to control it. No junk food, no sweet drinks (including fruit juices) and white bread or any store-bought bakery as well as cakes, cookies, and no sugar in my diet at all. We also never buy semi-prepared and sausage products. Gave up eating cheese recently. Not because of restrictions, just don’t want. I don’t drink alcohol except one glass of white dry wine once a month or even rarer.

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Daily I count my calories via a phone app during two years already, and I try to abide by the daily nutrition ratio 2-0, 7-4. I know by heart calorific value of almost all things that I eat, this is akin to reading FB or checking email. In most cases I don’t even make any notes about what I have eaten, vice versa I tape in an approximate menu and based on that data my daily ration is formed. Such scheme lets me avoid some needless things.

I always cook myself and take lunch boxes to work, and so does my husband. His menu is similar to mine, but his portions are bigger and there can be homemade bakery and sugar.


My basic meal is chicken, dairy products, and fresh vegetables and fruit. The daily menu is almost the same, but it can be varied sometimes.

Breakfast: daily water porridge with a spoon of honey plus two boiled eggs plus black coffee

Second breakfast: fat-free quark plus one banana or apple plus black coffee

Lunch: baked or steamed chicken breast plus buckwheat/ rice/ grilled vegetables plus fresh vegetables plus green tea

Brunch: One banana or apple plus a couple of crispbreads plus kefir or fermented baked milk.

Supper: vegetable soup or salad.

At weekends, my diet is not so strict, but I abide by calorie limit by the by. I can eat the whole watermelon of 13 lb or fat farmer cheese. Weekends are made to relax. I should say that I haven’t tried any sports eating. Because I’m not going to participate in competitions and I don’t seek any great strength rates, so I see no reason in it.

What do you wear during your exercises?

I have only one pair of snickers for training in the gym Sketchers Go Train, which my husband has presented me at the very beginning.


I don’t care what brand it is, I just buy what I like, and I’m concerned it should be nice looking and comfortable. I always pay attention to the fabric and inseam quality. I’m not wearing baggy track pants or very short shorts in the gym. Usually, I put on leggings, sports top, and a baggy cotton t-shirt.

Tell us about your training program, please.

The last four months I don’t divide training into “Top & Bottom”, I do the full body plus extra cardio days. I have my eighty-ninety-minute training three times per week.


An example of my strength workout is:

  • Warming up ten minutes.
  • Deadlift four sets, ten times each. 10-20-25-25 kg
  • Squat four sets, seven-eight times each. 20-20-25-30 kg
  • Behind neck Lat pull down three sets, ten times each. 25 kg
  • Sit dumbbell press six-eight kg, four sets, ten times each.
  • Upright barbell row four sets, ten times each. 15 kg
  • Lunging four sets 15 times each leg with ten-kilo dumb-bells.
  • Crunches ten minutes or as luck would have it.
  • Light cardio 15-20 minutes
  • Stretching

What are your fitness goals?

Well, bottom like a ball, of course! Six-pack abs and shredded shoulders. Strong slender legs, upright carriage and smooth skin. And the main goal is to keep fit and pretty as long as it possible!


What inspires you?

My own reflection in the mirror inspires me best.

What are your fitness goals?

In my feed I have many girls who inspire me. Each girl is special, and me too. I don’t wanna be somebody else. Among the well-known fitness models I like Katya Usmanova best, she’s perfect!


Will you share your favorite tracks for training?  

Fat Boy Slim — The Rockafeller Skank

ACDC – Thunderstruck

Britney Spears — Work Bitch!

Rammstein-Feuer Frei!

Barcode Brothers — These Boots Are Made For Walking

Which men body shapes do you like?

Frankly speaking, I’m not very keen on musclemen. I prefer thin boys. And it may seem ordinary, but Adam Levine is so good.



Your advice those who want to start.

Read more specialized magazines and blogs, watch videos, study theory, hold by what professionals say, read literature dedicated to nutrition. The more you get into the material, the more chances you will have to avoid injury and disappointment. Always set the goals and never give up! And keep in your mind forever sport doesn’t mean leanness, it means your health.

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