Russian Fitness Model: Anastasia Sudovtsova


Briefly about myself

28 years, 163 cm., weight 53 kg., 85/65/92.

How did you get into exercise?

I’ve liked sports and games of chance since I was a child. I would sit on the branch of a tree and call neighborhood children to come play “cops and robbers”, “blind man’s buff” and boast about my new best friend – basketball. Our school PE teacher tried his best to find a use for my irrepressible character, sent me to competitions in long jump again and again. When my parents were tired and couldn’t endure me past  2 a.m., they decided to send me to dance classes. I devoted 7 happy years to my favorite pastime. I went on tour in cities all over my country and got the best prize – the smiles of show-goers.

Everything changed when I became a student. Moving to the capital forced my hand: the most important thing was my studies. But even now, when I see a ballet bar in gyms, I can’t help but to do an almost forgotten plie…


At that time I won a slot on the institute swimming team and, from time to time, I tried to head out the opposite door, where fellow students spend their free time. The clanking of weights and loud cries were the first and only things that I knew about the gym.

My dancing past allowed me to stay in good physical shape for quite a long time, where my diet at the time consisted mainly of sweet rolls and my favorite sandwiches with sausage. In 2010 or so for 2 months of these chaotic meals my metabolism gave up and the scales showed a weight gain of almost 30 pounds.

It was necessary to take immediate action, as my reflection in the mirror became intolerable and as it seemed to me at that time: the most correct solution was a strict diet. That was my knowledge about having a healthy lifestyle. For a year and a half I made different mistakes in my fight against my excess weight: I exhausted my health, compromised my metabolism, lost weight sharply, and then gained weight much faster again. I was morally exhausted and gained weight even from smelling the food…


At a certain point I found energy to change everything. I read a lot of useful literature, analyzed the articles of dieting experts, and sportsmen. When my confidence and feeling to go on returned to me, I opened the doors of the gym. And that’s it, bust, felt in love, was fascinated by it seriously and I think for the long haul. Thus after some months of severe restrictions, I could realize that my heart had another place for one big love – healthy lifestyle and the clank of weights in the stuffy gym of my oh so dear sports club.

What did you do during your initial months?What mistakes did you make?

Even tons of researched literature didn’t save me from the popular mistakes of many novices during my first fitness workouts. I almost “moved into” a gym, toughly reducing carbohydrate consumption and straining treadmill in the hope that the excess weight would give way to my previous 52 kilos. But a miracle was only a miracle if I didn’t turn my preferences into weight training. I was very enthusiastic about this and my enthusiasm became stronger with the scientific facts about the benefit of carbohydrates in a diet. Thus, by easy stages, I had close friendship with dumbbells, hand weights, and my favorite glute “crab position”.


Who is your trainer?

I am definitely lucky! I met my trainer, who heard my wishes and worked to achieve them from the very first minutes of our conversation. I don’t doubt even for a second, that a trainer needs to be a man who comes up to you with the confidence, and not that one who wants to gain this confidence together with you. My trainer is this kind of person. Everybody listen to me at work, in gym I listen to my trainer. I forget about everything there and go into his each advice, opinion and technique of doing exercises, because we have common goal, and the main thing is mutual trust. And he always believes in me more than I.


I value his professional approach both to my physical capacities and physical that eases the process of my training very much.

If there are more such educated, erudite, and passionate people, our nation will be much healthier. Yaroslav thank you for believing in me and for those “uneasy” but very “proficient” two years of my life.

Your approximate diet per day

As far back as I can remember, meals always had important niche in my life and nothing has changed since that time, the quantity is the same, but the quality has radically changed. I don’t overlook the fact that it time “goodbye excess weight” protein played the main role herein, and more precisely protein days that further bypass into the system of protein-carbohydrate alternation.

I try to count calories in dishes and PFC in my diet (although I easy estimate by eye). I salt nothing. I eat about 4 times a day.

Now I have other variant of diet, I eat a lot, sometimes I make myself cheap. I strain after 35/20/45 percentage ratio in my diet, but proteins lead the way for now and this is the first nuance in my diet. However my main problem is that I am foodaholic, I can overeat, and the only one solace is that healthy products. At the moment I have excluded coffee (while I was writing eat, coffee “asked me to return”) and milk products (it is difficult to realize how I am still breathing without my favorite cottage cheese, but whose life is easy nowadays?!) Complex carbohydrates and fructose are only till 4 p.m. (weekend is exception). I drink alcohol very rarely, and only dry wine. I drink 2-2,5 liters of still water during a day.

I don’t eat fatty, sweet, salt, starchy food, sugar and bread (pasta also).

I haven’t eaten junk food for about three years (kill me please).


I love cooking, but do it very rarely, because 24 hours are enough for everything

except fine cuisine. My assistants in the kitchen are grill, oven and sticky tape on

my mouth also helps.

In my diet there is always place for:

  • meat (chicken breast, turkey fillet);
  • any sea and river fish (but I can eat tuna fish only at the point of a gun;
  • seafood;
  • complex carbohydrates (rice/buckwheat/porridge oat);
  • seasonal fruit and vegetables;
  • any green (almost any);
  • tofu;
  • nuts (rarely, because 10 nuts only tease me, I want to eat 1 kg. at minimum);
  • eggs, many eggs!;
  • I like dairy products, but my body feels more comfortable without cottage cheese;
  • peanut butter, honey, protein bars, crisp breads and so on.;
  • tea, chicory, herbs.


And you know what: I can eat marsh-mallow, but no other pastries or buns, although I reveal a secret – I like these a lot, and the smell of new bread much more. It is just easier for me to give up on the first piece than on the second. I don’t suffer, everything what I eat is tasty for me, tastier than ever. But weekend sends PFC in vacation and weights go spare. During these days I can afford big serves, late dinners and a glass of wine. I like carpaccio with salmon, love sushi and succulent roasted steak. I can buy hematogen in a drugstore.

I am for sport supplement/ additives, but in good measure and according to my state. At this moment I have several months break, but usually I take:

  • vitamin complex;
  • omage 3,6,9;
  • Protein (like Syntrax);
  • Protein bars;
  • L-carnitine before cardio;
  • ВССА and amino acids;
  • beta-alanine before metabolic training;
  • sometimes glucosamine, arginine;
  • I don’t drink any pre-training complexes, my body doesn’t perceive them.

Your workout gear – training shoes etc. What have you chosen and why?

Training shoes are my love! Nike for fitness and new Balance for jogging. I value comfort in clothes, and the most important thing is pretty reflection in the mirror. To tell the truth I can easily buy up the most part of sports store, and come to the gym in old favorite broad T-shirt and stretched trousers. My trainer threatened not to let me into the gym many times, if I don’t change my traditional “pajamas uniform.”


Now I am like new bright coin during weight training. And I wear the same favorite T-shirt of XL size in cardio zone. My unchanged love is tennis uniform. I can twist and turn before the mirror for a long time in these pretty dresses and pleated skirts. And now I dream of a bag with food containers of SixPack, it is convenient both in heat and cold, especially for such voracious persons as me.

What is your present training program?

As a rule, my trainings are quite different, depending on the set tasks during particular period. There is always place for basic training, many reps and metabolic training (crossfit).

Weight sessions are stable 3 times a week, I devote other days to jogging or any other aerobic activity (exercycle, swimming, sharp walk, stairs). But today my training is mostly oriented to strength endurance.

One of the examples:


Everything is done by three sets:

  • standing row pulldown of rope handle – 10 reps,
  • sitting bent-over lateral raise – 15 reps,
  • lat pullover – 20 reps,
  • pulldown in TRX with kegs on rise – 15 reps,
  • upstart in TRX – 15 reps,
  • lat pulldown – 20 reps,
  • chin-ups in graviton – 10 reps,
  • lateral raise with rubber tube – 15 reps,
  • standing curling a dumbell – 20 reps.


  • diagonal crunches in block trainer 15 reps to each leg,
  • crunches in block trainer on the straight – 20 reps,
  • plank elbows on block trainer with back and forth rocking – 30 reps,

Breast, triceps (the same three sets):

  • inclined dumpbell lying triceps extension– 10 reps,
  • inclined dumpbell bench pressing жим – 10 reps,
  • dumpbell lying tricep extension 15 reps,
  • barbell press in regime – one half – 10 reps,
  • crossover – 15 reps,
  • arms extension in upper block – 20 reps,
  • push-ups – 10 reps,
  • dumpbell pull-up of arms in front of you – 15 reps,
  • inclined dumpbell arms extension – 20 reps.


  • sit-up – 20 reps,
  • roll from knees – 20 reps,
  • plank – 1,5-2 min.

Legs, gluteus, shoulders:

  • sitting spreading legs in machine – 20 reps,
  • spreading legs in squat position in machine – 20 reps,
  • burpee,
  • shoulder bridge stand in Smith machine – 20 reps,
  • squat from knees in Smith machine – 20 reps,
  • plie squat in Smith machine – 20 reps,
  • leg abduction in glut machine – 20 reps,
  • alternate steppin from the platform with up dumpbell press – 20 reps,
  • Romanian deadlift lower block – 20 reps.


  • sideward arm pulling – 15 reps,
  • uprise forward – 15 reps,
  • inclined sideward arm pulling – 15 reps,

I also use roll for myofascial massage after each training and stretching.

Your fitness goals?

It is always place for perfection. There are many interesting trainings in future and small victories over my laziness. The aim is to become stronger, build up stamina and the main thing little happier, to stand difficult complex of functional training, increase weights, muscle mass and always smile to my own reflection in the mirror.

And of course to do chin-ups about 10 reps to the end of broiling summer. And more important thing: run first in my life half-marathon in September in order to outdo more difficult race in 42 km.

I can be very easily attracted whether it is extreme sport or new trainings. I am open to experiments and I want to find and opportunity to a couple of horse-riding lessons and to achieve my dream someday – to stand on a surfboard.

The only thing left is to wish to have more than 24 hours in a day and endless enthusiasm.

What inspires you?

Definitely my result! Increase of weight indicators, feeling of euphory and joy after morning run, pleasing fatigue during weight sessions and feeling of happiness, when a trainer praises for perseverance and result. All of this is important addition to happy life, as sport has become an integrant part of me, it give wayout to my emotions, thereby cleaning my mind and my soul, filling with energy and joy. It is good alternative of relax after everyday working life. Muscle loading doesn’t bother, but gives power and feeling of balance and harmony with body. It is very important to be inspired by the examples of men of worth and the most important thing is to become such an example for somebody.

Your cult figures / orienting points

I have never had cult figures in my life, but I cannot but mention the fact that I am very impressed by stories of bright transformations of common girls and boys from all over the world. I read with gusto their before and after life, admire their will power, stamina and great desire to change their life for better. I am proud of those one who could and who only takes the first step.

Favourite tracks for training

  • Jamiraquai — Seven days in sunny June.
  • Pharell Wiliams – Happy.
  • Macklemore&Ryan Lewis — Can’t hold us.
  • Arctic Monkeys — Do I wanna know?
  • John Newman — Love me again.

Outline a couple of ideal men bodies

Ideal man body is excellent addition to soul and eyes of a human. Musclebound person is not my type. But in my opinion charisma, love to sport and ability to take responsibility for your deeds make perfect portrait of a man.



But the most perfect body is a body of a man whom you love!

Your advice for those who want to start.

Do you know an anecdote:

– Hi! What are you doing?
– Do sit-ups.
– What is it?
– It is good for your health and body!
– Give me a link, I want to do them too!

Well if you are still a hero of this story, quickly change this situation. Always set yourself goals! Always! Pull your buds from the sofa and don’t look for excuses in order to opt out. Smile to every restraint, they all can be overcome, there is nothing impossible, all barriers are only in your head and distress is your personal choice.

And the most important thing is to believe in yourself. This trait must be in plenty in you. You should believe that you cannot only achieve your goals but also it is only a matter of time for you. “If the body is in a good shape, the life is good.”

Aren’t you training yet?



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