Morning Exercises In Bed: 12 Videos With Simple Exercises


We offer you twelve short videos with exercises that should be done right in the bed. Start your morning with one of them and let them bring you happiness!

    • Tara Steele, her narrow hips and gorgeous, velvety voice:

    • Take a couple of minutes with Kendeys in the morning to help you wake up:

    • 10 minutes of mild stretching:

    • Very simple exercises that produce maximum results:

    • Brett Larkin and her good morning:

    • These exercises invigorate the body and spirit:

    • Just six minutes of exercises right in bed. It’s easy, try:

    • German Namaste:

    • The longest video in our collection, it is twenty minutes length:

    • Laughing yoga – it’s awesome. The main thing is to be relaxed:

    • It is Tara Steele again (what would we do without her?):

    • Lower back exercises in bed:

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