Is Jogging Bad For Your Face?


Many women are interested in whether fitness  can strengthen their anti-aging abilities. Cosmetologist Tiina Orasmae-Meder continues to debunk (or vice versa, to confirm) the most tenacious myths of beauty in the best in our opinion beauty blog

Tiina’s opinion “Mechanics of origin of this myth is obvious. Indeed, you run or jump, the face shakes – it seems here that the gravitational ptosis will reach you here. In fact, it is a little bit different. On the one hand, this gravitational ptosis, of course, is directly connected to the force of gravity. The more time you spend standing, the greater force of gravity influences your chin. Pure physics. And the more you weigh, the more influence on tissues when jumping and running occurs. But there are plenty of “incidental circumstances”.


For example, a lot depends on the tone of muscles of neck and upper back. Therefore, if your body mass is big, you’d better begin with putting these muscle groups in order. Another thing I’ve noticed: girls do abdominal crunches, and herewith the face is well-groomed. This is because a good muscle tone of the upper press automatically, reflexively increases muscle tone of the lower jaw. Power load for oval of the face is a great thing.


As for aerobic exercises (in any form – running, swimming, walking) it’s also excellent. After 20 minutes of such exercises the synthesis of hyaluronic acid increases in the body. Doing a work-out for the next 20 minutes at the same pace, you will strengthen this synthesis to several hours! In addition, the synthesis of a particular protein, eleidin, that provides a beautiful pink undertone of skin will increase. That all-too-common light. Usually after 25-27 years its production in the body slows down. But if you do sports, then this process will continue.


What are the cons in sports for face? Where are the main dangers?

Firstly, do not overdo. For example, set a goal to yourself to get a black belt in karate in three years . You may reach this goal – but you will look 5 years older.

Secondly, do not be on a diet without carbohydrates and fats. Without carbohydrates in general nothing in the body (especially after 40 years) can be synthesized. And do not try to get rid of the subcutaneous fat. You’ll lose oval of your  face. For those who does sports there is a proper nutrition. Do not reinvent the wheel and do not  mix diets with other fitness – Ducan, saltless, fruit, wine and cheese and their derivatives such as “I’d better not eat anything at all.”

Thirdly, keep drinking regime – be sure to drink plenty of water. And make sure that there is no trans-epidermal moisture loss. During exercise in the gym air must not be too dry. An ideal temperature is  from 18 to 24 degrees. When doing a workout on the street I would not recommend running at extreme (-10 or + 30 ° C) temperatures. Olympic skiers are, of course, beautiful – but they are young, and by 30 years the picture changes. After exercises, it is not necessary to go to the sauna or dive headlong into an icy font. Hammam is good. But not sauna! Women with oily skin and men can somehow afford it  – their skin takes the heat. For the rest it’s not worth.


Fourthly, make sure that the load is not excessive. Sweat is a good indicator. If you sweat in a  too active way, your body loses a lot of water and is stretched too thin. What is excessive? .. Two or three times per workout you rub the face with a towel, under your arms and on the back – it’s good. You can not exercise without a head bandage, because sweat obscures your eyes and change the shirt twice a workout? It means that  the load is too big for you. And watch out for the skin condition. If in 2-3 weeks of trainings it becomes drier and more irritated – it means that you overdo.

And, to complete the topic “Sports and beauty” – please, do not exercise with make up! Before a workout clean your face and apply the simplest moisturizer. After the training – once again wash your face and apply soothing serum and cream. When there’s a large temperature difference in the room and on the street – apply a mineral powder. In summer use SPF: the skin after sport is more sensitive to the sun. Cardiovascular activity is much higher – and, consequently, a possibility to obtain pigmentation is also higher. Remember: people playing volleyball on the beach, burn faster not only because they spend a lot of time on the sun, but also because they move energetically.


And the greatest risk for skin is chlorinated water in the pool. Please, apply a  thick cream to the face before diving.


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