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Hulk hits the top 20 of the world most-paid soccer players, and in Russia he earns most of all players (€5.9 million per year). And he is also a tall and handsome man, loving husband, and careful father. 

  1. Givanildo was born on July 25th, 1986 in Campina Grande, Brazil. He is known better as Hulk. His height is 5.9 ft, and he weighs 187 lb.


  1. By the way, ”h” is not read in Portuguese, so Mr. Vieira de Souza answers to Ulk.


3. Hulk plays for the Russian soccer club Zenit, St. Petersburg.


4. And this is Hulk’s wife, Iran. According the information from his interviews, they met in a Brazilian restaurant in Japan.


5. “It was a simple guy, I couldn’t even guess that he was a soccer.  I believe, that he was sent from heaven to me” – Iran said.


6. Iran also shared: “I tenderly call him daddy, and he likee. All our friends and family members call him only Hulk. He got used to it so, that if anybody calls him Givanildo, he wouldn’t immediately realize, that it was his name. Children call him father, but when watching a game on TV they always shout:  “Look, there’s Hulk!” It’s so funny. They’re the main fans of their father, certainly.”


7. Hulk was born in a large family, he’s got 6 sisters: Irmas, Naiaro, Jesiko, Angelika, Gilvanio, Korrinio and Nildo.


8. Mr. Vieira de Souza acquired his nickname in his childhood from his dad, due to imitation of his favorite like-named marvel superhero.


9. Hulk started his career in Brazilian Vitoria, signing a contract, when he was 16. With this club he firstly played as a winger, then as a midfield and later became a forward.


10. In February, 2005 Gevanildo was purchased by Japanese club Kawasaki Frontale.


11. On July 26th, 2008 he signed the four-year contract with the Portuguese Porto. The Porto club spent on player’s transfer €5.5 million. Whereby it bought only 50% of the player’s rights from the Uruguayan club Rentistas and an Argentinian investment company.


12. On February 19th, 2010 Hulk got a 4 month ban for for the assault on a steward after the match of the 14th tour at the Portugal Championship, when Porto lost against Benefica with the score 0:1.


13. On September 3rd, 2012 Hulk was transfered to the Russian club Zenit for  €40 million received by the Porto club. According to the RTP and the player’s agent the total sum of transfer was €60 million received by the Porto and €9 million – by the Rentistas, which was the owner of 15 % of player’s transfer at that time.


Hulk’s Instagram @hulkparaiba has 2,1 billion followers.


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