How To Do Push-Ups


Push-ups are an easy and intuitive exercise. If you know how to do them, you can do a full workout anywhere.

According to Wikipedia, “push-ups” is an exercise to improve the overall physical strength of a person, which is done from the front lying support position, face down. Push-ups develop chest muscles, triceps, deltoids, back, the press, and, they say, that involves even the leg muscles.

Fitscientist co-founder Julia Kuderova decided to learn how to do push-ups. And now she does them all the time. For example, during the blog tour to Montenegro she did ten push-ups wherever there was at least approximately flat surface.

How to do push-ups. Do it full

Lie face down on the floor, place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your body straight and slowly bending your elbows, lower the body to the floor, then lift back. The body has to lift up with sheer force of hands, do not help yourself by caving in the waist. During the exercise try to make sure that the buttocks is not sticking out to the top and the back does not buckle to the bottom. The head should look at the floor.


The standard position for push-ups: hands are at shoulder length, elbows pointing to sides at the angle of 45 degrees from the body. The fingers facing forward. In this position, the load is distributed evenly between all the muscles that are involved in the push-up.

Depending on the position of the hands, the load will change on different muscles. Hands are wider than shoulders, elbows diluted to the right angle with respect to the body – the load will go to the deltoid and pectoralis major. Hands are close to the body, elbows parallel to the body – triceps and pectoralis minor. Torso inclination also plays a role. If the head is higher – the lower part of the chest is pumping, if it is lower (and feet, respectively, higher, for example, on a support) – the upper part of the chest and abdominal muscles .

How to do push-ups. Do it half

If doing one full push up is an impossible task, do not worry. There are many alternative, more simple ways to do this:

  • Push-ups on the knees – you can do the same push-ups, but support not on tiptoes but on the knees, thus halving the weight lifted. This method of exercise does not mean that you can sag and help yourself with abdominal muscles. Work only with hands and chest.


  • Push-ups from the bench – you can rest with hands on a low bench or chair.This will help you focus on the work of muscles, instead of deforming a conventional push-up. But before you start, always make sure that the bench is stable.


  • Push-ups from the wall. If all of the above mentioned methods of push-ups seem difficult – do not sink into despair. Push-ups from the wall greatly reduce the load on the arms, chest, abs and lower back. In addition, you can adjust the load by approaching and departing from the wall. Once you rack up strength and confidence, stick to the more complex methods of push-ups.


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