Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

Lemonade has been refreshing humanity since the time of the Moguls. Modern research supports these “refreshing” characteristics, stating that the essential oil is very effective when cooling the body. These benefits can even be employed when you have a fever by mixing lemon juice with sugar and water to reduce your body temperature.температура

When your body temperature is high, whether it be from being in the sun too long or from an illness, you should take care to drink regularly, so as to avoid dehydration. While sugar is often avoided as an undesirable addition to a diet, it has beneficial effects when coupled lemon juice and honey.лимонад

For hundreds of years, sailors and travelers were able to curve and ward off scurvy due to the high vitamin C content in lemons. Lemons have low sodium content, so the fruit is a great flavoring for those who must avoid high salt diets.

Because in some countries, lemon growers and distributors like to treat the fruits with the chemical, diphenyl, in order to extend the length of time they stay preserved, it is always a good idea to wash the fruit before eating it. Using just a little unscented soap and rinsing it thoroughly in water should do the trick.

The remaining pulp that is left over after juicing the lemon is very good for the skin and can be used to soothe insect bites and stings. If you add equal amounts of water and glycerin to the mixture, you can use it to effectively keep the hands soft and smooth.для-кожи

Doctors Morel and Rochaix demonstrated that lemon juice extract, when vaporized, will kill meningococcal, typhoid, pneumococcus, and staphylococcus bacteria in 15 to 18 minutes.

Charles Richet, a gastronomically inclined Frenchman, is said to have discovered that when lemon juice is added to raw oysters, it destroys 92% of all bacteria present within 15 minutes. A great reason to wait a bit before you eat!сок

All of this information contribute to the claim that lemon juice is a highly important ingredient in the treatment of all respiratory tract infections and as an effective tonic in general.

So long as the juice is distilled in water, you should have no reason to be concerned with any dangers associated from taking reasonable amount of lemon juice. When selecting which lemons to use for juice, choose the ones that are firm and clear and color with no signs of withering.

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