A Girl With A Healthy Lifestyle: Olga Burova


Give us your brief and simple profile

31 years old, 180 cm, 71 kg, 95 cm chest, 67 cm waist, 99 cm hips. No state sporting achievements.

Tell us about your sports healthy way

Though I had a rather active childhood: bike, badminton, table tennis, dancing, swimming pool, annual water tours ranging starting from 4.5 years old (father is a fan of kayaks), the best event related to sports had long been an exemption from physical education.

As a teenager I was plump, clumsy and terribly embarrassed of myself. Until I found myself in a “bloky” high school and turned into “my boyfriend.” That was where I happened to visit the gym – the guys were doing it and I did it as well. Well, that was really like in the gym… a cellar, the simulators welded from ember metal, seats made from mangy enameled cloth…

That was also the place where I lifted my first dumbbells, and then my first barbell, then the dumbbell bar. Began to drop in at the next door boxing section. A bit of everything, haphazard and chaotic.



After graduation I started visiting the nearest fitness club, running like a saiga. Of course,  grew thinner, prettier. I began to realize that sport can radically change the body. I start poking around in the books, to delve into the subject.

Alas, it went one-sided: workout interested me, but not nutrition – not in the very least. Inspired by the changes I got into “brain anorexia” – buckets of salad, kefir and other things like “I do not eat after 6 p.m.”.

In winter 2008, I seriously injured knees and wrists while skiing – a nasty fall. And while my knees recovered rather quickly, the hands drove me crazy: persistent pain, numb hands at nights, a significant limitation of mobility, grip was so weak that I couldn’t hold even a 1.5-liter kettle with water.



Despite the fact that I had access to all the doctors – for a long time I worked in the field of commercial medicine in the best clinics of Moscow – there was no improvement. Pills, ointments, physiotherapy, intra-articular injections – all in vain. Any return to sport was ever possible, except, maybe, conditioning programs at most. This went on for almost 2 years, until two events clashed in time: I moved in the country where workers had almost finished building the house, where there was a lot of work to do, without whining. Plus, I happened to come across the sports physician, who among other things said that it is necessary to train hands through pain, to force them to work. I started with hands rotation and expander, and six months later, having returned to Moscow, I picked dumbbells and barbells afresh. And so the horses broke loose.

I must say that at this point, thanks to stress and strong belief in the nutritional value of kefir I managed to reduce weight as much as up to 47 kg (with height of 180!) All-in-all, the gym was visited by a sort of victim of Buchenwald weighing 52 kg, of course, with boggy flesh, flat ass, killed metabolism and barely lifting arms. I had to dive into literature, so that I could understand how to continue to live with all this.



At some point it became clear that my dive was so long that not only was I hooked on sport, gained 20 kg of high-quality meat, but I also quit commercial medicine, and now it’s been a year since I started working as a coach. First I tried the German company engaged in rehabilitation, managed to study abroad, and now I’m the head coach in one of the gyms of a large network in Moscow.

What are the main mistakes that you made ​​at the start?

There were two basic errors.
The first one – haphazardness, randomness. Gym, boxing section, swimming pool – all together at once, and a lot. However, I did not even think what I expect from these activities and how I can benefit from them. The process for the sake of process. It is not surprising that the absence of a starting point and specific direction of movement to measure progress created a sense of “meaningless motion.”

Much later there was the second mistake. By that time I was working out consciously and was aware what I want to achieve, though continued to eat too little. Workouts seemed to be hell, I had constant fatigue, irritability, low spirits. And despite the fact that each book that I’d read says (and I reached the point when I started reading authentic editions just to understand why it always goes wrong) that there’s just one problem – food, psychologically it was very difficult to step over anorexic habits.

By a tremendous effort of will I was gradually increasing calorage, made myself eat carbohydrates. At first it was difficult, it was scary to get back to the body that I had as a teenager and did not like. There was food eructation, there were breakdowns and hunger strikes, as well as weeks on kefir. But I started over and over again, and eventually god used to it. Now, as people say, “I like to have fun, especially to devour.”



Tell us about your coaches

Over the years there were only two of them. Former circus gymnastics was bringing me back to life after injuries. A couple of years ago, a well-tattooed ardent big guy showed me what is what, and thus showed me what real hardcore is, but at the same time instilled tender affection for hulk-like men.
And now I’m the coach myself.

Your approximate daily diet

At present I do not count calories much – just have the right nutrition to support me. After a couple of years of fanatical weighing and writing down everything there’s no such problem as control. On average, more than 40% of carbohydrates (minding the quality) and about 1 gram of fat per kilogram of weight, the rest – low-fat protein.

For breakfast: wholemeal bread with cheese of up to 20%, often in the form of toast. Or oatmeal. Or eggs, if not on the rigid control, with all the available yolks. Coffee with milk and a little sweet stuff: dark chocolate or (a weakness of mine) Kinder Pingui.

The following two meals: cereal / pasta / vegetables with meat or fish. I add a little olive – to get enough vegetable fats. When driving a lot around the city, I save myself with stocked cheesecakes or baked pudding.

In general, I prefer to eat what I cooked myself. I drag around containers, forks & spoons in the bag, in the car, in a locker at work. The restaurants are not very comfortable to have meals, so I usually save myself by eating fish and vegetables. If I want to throw a party to my belly, then it will be a steak or a burger.

In the evening it is traditionally cottage cheese with berries or fruits.

I’m not a fanatical healthy lifestyle follower, though if the goals require being so, I will calculate everything and will keep strict watch, but I like it a lot more both to be in good shape and not to deny myself candies. I managed to find a “golden key” and so I am able, without any consequences for body and mind, to call on “McDuck”, scarf up a pizza or have some beer. Such possibilities attract me a lot more than titles and cups.

What supplements do you use?

At first, the entire kitchen was set out with jars of magic pills – there’s probably no such thing I have not tried! With time my set settled to BCAA (ON), or we can just say there were amino acids (Universal), a conventional protein with a small amount of carbohydrate (Syntrax) and casein (ON). Very rarely do I drink pre-workout supplements (Cellucor), periodically – vitamins (OptiWoman from ON) or chondroprotectors.

After the end of the winter weight gain I spend an unscientific experiment: I gave up everything, including the vitamin complex. And you know what? Apart from $50 a month in your pocket all things stay the same.

Though it seems I’m wrong – not everything. “Questbars” (protein bars) are stuffed in all the corners in the form of emergency ration – it really comes to the rescue when you need a snack on the run or deadly want something sweet. For the same reason I placed protein in the car and at work – I try to avoid being hungry.

What brands of sneakers and sports uniform do you prefer?

Regarding belongings I do not have any specific preferences – I it like, it is convenient, so thank God. But I bother about sneakers: work out only in high-top skate shoes – with an ideally flat slip-proof sole – that is the very thing necessary for squatting and dead lift.



Your current training program

Now my workouts are voluntary reading of Valeev’s system. Four workouts per week, each consisting of one basic exercise: leg press / pull-ups / dumbbell incline or vertical bench press performed in 4 warm-up and 5 x 8 working approaches. Plus 1-2 subsidiary exercises to complete the workout. I chose this regime for summer to conveniently combine work and to improve power performance.

Your fitness goals

At a personal level – to continue to build my own body, to try new things. In coaching – to develop as a rehabilitologist. Ideally, I would like to fill the information gap with respect to strength training for various injuries and problems.

And, of course, to develop new types of activities. I have long been an ardent fan of mountain skiing, have already gone more than halfway mastering kitesurfing, and bit by bit stand up on wake- and windsurfing board.


It is time to realize the long-held idea – to acquire the A category driving license and two wheels. And I would gladly shook the old days – go kayaking.



Who / What inspires you?

I wouldn’t say that I get inspiration from sports stars or just some celebrities.

Alas, I am little interested in them, except Schwartz, Cutler and Larissa Reis do not really happen to know one. Perhaps also Kuritsina, but nobody else.

I get inspired from recognition (yes, I’m vain), but that of intellect, when people come for advice.

The greatest enthusiasm is caused by returning the joy of movement to people with injuries. I myself felt how difficult to find someone who, unlike traditional doctors, not prescribes cold, hunger and peace, but finds a way to restore lost functions without giving up sport. When I see how these client return to active workout, I understand that I’ve been going in the right direction.

Who do you want to be like?

The only person with whom I compete – yesterday me.


Your favorite tracks for working out

Well, two or three tracks won’t do – it is at least a compilation “The Best of Rammstein”!

In fact, I have a full player of music of different directions, but when there are no forces, when I get lazy or just in a bad mood, it is these brave lads who come to the rescue, taking me by the collar and make me strain every sinew in the gym. So, if somebody sees a T-shirt with the words “I made it thanks to Rammstein”, let me know.

Show some pictures of your ideal male bodies



Your advice to those who want to start

Let me give 1.5 advice.

On a global level: set goals! A man who does not know where he goes often comes the wrong way. The purpose determines everything: how to eat, how to train, how to sleep, which regime to follow and how to encourage oneself. Answer the question “what I want to get in the end?”, split into stages and sub-targets, collect pictures, describe the goal on paper, see it in your dreams, at last, mold it from clay! Only someone who has a goal has already took the path to achieve it.

And half of advice for those who keep watch on the diet by eye. Only those who spent couple of years weighing and writing down everything have this so-called “eye”. You do not have kitchen scales? Forget, you won’t do it “by eye”! You haven’t had a food diary for at least six months? Again, you won’t have it! Your “by eye” gives an error of at least 300-400 calories. And if it is not so critical while gaining weight, it really is for those who work with excess weight, that’s what often brings all efforts to nought. Forget this “by eye”, buy kitchen scales and install “Fatsecret” on your mobile phone.

Oh, and, by the way, read Oleksiy Filatov’s “Theory and practice of fat burning” – if you do not really know what’s what in nutrition, these 100 pages will turn your world upside down.

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