10 Videos of High-Intensity Training

Here you can find coaching videos for those who enjoy blood, sweat, and tears!


Warning! You are the one to be responsible for your health. Our selection of videos is only for familiarization. Take care of yourself!

    • You do not need equipment. Just take plenty of water and a couple of towels.

    • She claims that, if you repeat all she does in this fitness training video, then you will burn 500 calories.

    • But if that’s not enough, try these high-intensity exercises here:

    • It gets hard and sweaty with Melissa Bender:

    • Here’s a thirty minute training video of jump exercises. It’s intensive as hell:

    • Berserker – a brave warrior, dedicated to Odin. Train yourself to be like him!

    • Something like Tabata, but not Tabata

    • Ten minutes of high-intensity exercises:

    • One more coaching video. Again jumps, planks, and jumping out of planks and stuff:

    • Just eight minutes, but it’s really hard:

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